about Ekko Technologies Inc.

Who we are and what we do

EKKO is a technology company that is determined to develop the Ultimate Urban Mobility Experience solutions by utilizing the benefits of the contemporary cutting edge mobile technologies.

Years of development

Ekko Move began to be developed in 2016, however it was only founded in March 2019, in Dublin on the Silicon Docks. EKKO TECHNOLOGIES INC. develops, markets, and operates THE URBAN MOBILITY PLATFORM EKKO MOVE.

Our story

Ekko Technologies Inc has created a platform for drivers to connect with users that need on demand private transportation services and link drivers with users. Requests, payments, chats and driver tracking will all take place on our platform through mobile applications.

A fully automated two-sided market for drivers and riders.This approach will redefine ride-hailing habits for millions around the world.

Our Mission

Ekko Technologies Inc intends to create "The ultimate urban mobility experience". For this experience to be possible the protection of passengers and drivers are our priority and our main goal.

We create strict social and environmental policies in all processes of our company. Mobility, development and research are guided by a social and ecological focus.

Management Team

Whith over 20 years of expirence Project and Management positions, proven ability to manage multiple projects concurrently, leading sales team to success and, unify efforts among sales and IT teams to achive Business development Goals.

Carlos Castanheira
Founder & CEO, Ekko Technologies
Willian Reis De Souza
Co-Founder & COO, Ekko Technologies
Sandra Gomes
Operation Manager, Ekko Technologies
Ronaldo Martins
Partner & CEO, Ekko Brasil Tecnologias lda
Rodrigo Martins
CFO, Ekko Technologies

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